Best pike lures


Pike fishing tackle

Pike fishing with lures during the last 10 years is totally changed innovating and reinventing itself completely.

Hard and soft baits  had inspirations from saltwater and bass fishing tackle. Nowadays we can use lures specifically created and used exclusively for pikes that give the chanches of casting a wide variety of choice.

The target is being successful with lures in all season and weather conditions. Nowadays is possible. When you are casting pike lures you need to keep in mind that to best pike lures general experience and the right attitude and movement of  the boat in fishing  spot is equal important than casting the best pike lures.  Many little tricks makes the difference especially when you are seeking for big pike sizes and large specimens.

Different tipes and utilization of pike lures

Lures with which they can undermine the pike are numerous and are divided into many categories and subcategories:

Metal baits, crankbait, swimbait, jerkbait, spinnerbait, hardly absorbs and topwater lures.

During your fishing holiday in Pikepride Baltic Lodge  you will test  different types of classic and modern lures, learning new techniques.

Baltic pikes loves  shallow waters, so the most used lures to catch pike here are: jerkbait, topwater and swimbait.


Jerkbaits are the kings of the Baltic and unchallenged “matador” in recent years. Are very popular lures that has more and more followers every day. If you’ve never fished with jerkbait in Baltic Sea you really cannot  say to have catch pikes on jerkbait. The Baltic is the temple of the jerkbait and it seems that the pikes are aware of it. Ask for our stage week. Expert fishermen will teach you how to do handle it correctly.

buster-pike strike-pro


Topwater are really attractive in the shallow bays: frogs, walking the dog and propeller are the most popular. It has happened in some occasions that topwater lures catch more pikes than others lures. To cast them you will need just a bit of courage:  the normal behavior of Finnish predator is attacking topwater lure 2-3 times before swallowing it. Topwater explosions put a strain on even the coldest of angler.


Swimbait straight retrieved, with short pause and quick jerk often give the same result. Big Fish !!! Some of our guest prefer to swimbait than jerkbait because are easier to handle.  You can use solid of soft swimbaits divided into two or more segments. They have a sinuous  and natural fish like movement . Big predator loves lure that produce soft vibrations and the realistic looking can tempt also the smartest predator. We only recommend you to try them, then the pike will point you the right direction.

Spinnerbait and weedless lures

The spinnerbait were originally designed for US bass fishing but they are growing their popularity in pike fishing. They attract predators thanks to their attractive that add the rotating blades  to the pulsation of silicone skirt. Spinnerbait ia a excellent lure for catching pike all year long, excellent weedless capacity that allows you to go pass near obstacles and weedbeds, approaching them near to the pike hunting areas.

Softbait: shad and rubber lures


Lures and equipment for fishing pike in Baltic