Our sfaff work in fishing travels since 2003, with many different destinations in Europe and abroad.

We believe in  sustainable recreational fishing and in the respect of the natural environment.
Our Baltic Lodge in Finland opened in 2014. We live in Finland all year long but the lodge is open only six months a year. We located our activity in one of the less populated area of the cost, where fishing pressure is very low.  We respect the marine flora and fauna of the ecosystem of the Baltic sea.

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Marina own the lodge and direct activities and catering. Her hospitality and foods are excellent. Cakes, pasta, meats and pastry are her daily bread. She is also an expert sailor with great boating experience.



Stefano is Marina’s Brother Professional fishing guide and expert pike fishermen, had dedicated his life to this amazing predator. After few days of fishing in lodge waters fell in love for this area. Soon realize to have found the right place to start a self drive fishing lodge. He designed our boats and choose all the equipment needed. Every season come at the lodge to teach in seminars and talk with the fishermen about casting and boating techniques.


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