Fishing Holidays


If you love fishing holidays and enjoy beautiful natural landscape you are in the right place! Our camp are located in the wild, far from the cities, far form the busy streets and away from the daily routine.


The perfect way to relax and experience freedom is stay a week or two in a place where is possible to dedicate a lot of time to your passion, without distractions. What is better then a cottage in the peace of the forest, a sea and rivers full of fishes, flexible daily schedule and the possibility to fish from sunrise to the sunset.



Enjoy your holiday in Finland. These land offers plenty of opportunities to catch different species of fishes since is the country in the world with the biggest water surfaces. Over ten percent of the surface of country is covered by water. In the Finnish Lake District, the largest continuous area of ​​lakes in Europe, there are nearly 200,000 lakes. The coastline of the Baltic Sea alone is over 1,000 kilometers long and there are also 700 rivers for a total length of 25,000 km.

This huge abundance of ponds, lakes and coastline made fishing is a tradition and an integral part of the Finnish way of life.

Sea, lakes and rivers full of fishes

Finland has 5 million inhabitants on a surface of over 300 thousand square km. The density of the population is very low and the wild areas are large. As result of this, the waters are densely populated by fish and the environment is uncontaminated … nature at its best! Unlike crowded fishing locations in Europe and in the rest of the world, Finland offers large spaces and silence. Here you can fish in peace, in direct contact with nature.

Fishing for pike perch and zander

Pike, perch and pike-perch are among the most common species that populate Finnish waters. Pike and perch can be found practically everywhere, in lakes or on the Baltic Sea. Not just the amount of fishes is astonishing but also the sizes. Catching a pike over a meter long is not an exceptional event in Finland. The best zander herds are located in the region of Southern and Central Finland and lakes on the southern sea coast.


The beautiful waters of Finland are able to settle in the same way the fans spinning, fly-fishing and trolling.

Season for holidays: summer and winter

The open water season lasts from late April to November.

In winter, the surface of the lakes and the costs freeze and it is time for ice fishing. Ask for  winter holiday also.

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