Baltic Pikes

 Pike Fishing in Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is the largest water in the world were pikes lives. The fishing opportunities in it’s environment are endless.


Baltic is a sea with very low salinity, in which, in addition to pike, live perch, bream, whitefish, salmon, sea trout and many other typical fish of sweet and saltwaters waters as herrings and cod. Our fishing lodge is located in the south cost of Baltic Sea in the gulf of Finland in a wild and remote area.



Fishing Seasons


The ice melt around between the end of march to the beginning of april.  During this season towsend pikes migrates into the bays preparing to spawn. After spawning the whole sea pike populations swims in the bays and you can find many good fishing spots beside our lodge. Baltic Pikes during spring start feeding all day long in less than a meter of water. Spring it’s one of the peak period and is not unusual catch more than 50 pikes a day per boat. Small jerkbaits, topwater and swimbait are the best lures to catch baltic sea pikes in  early season.


Around the beginning of june pikes start moving to the margin of the bays and hunt around the islands.  August and september are really productive periods and many fishermen love casting between weed bed and lyly pad in the good weather season. Some bays still hold monster pikes and also in the summer and with the right lures you can catch them in the bays and in number of mixed size around rocky points. We are open holy from 2015 but we care a lot about maintain quality fishing  opera the future so every year we are closed 5 weeks between last week of June and full July.


From september on many shoals of pelagic pike comes from the open sea to the coast. The challenge is finding them. Once you find the shoals you are fishing around many big pikes grouped together  and  feeding  crazy before the winter. The average size is from 80 -105 cm mixed with some smaller and over 110 cm range. It is the best periodo for big jerk baits, shad, tail baits and Flyfishing

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