Pike Fishing


Pike fishing in recent days is increasing more and more the number of fishermen that love this freshwater predator. The fishermen practice it with lures, fly or  bait where permitted by the laws. IN baltic sea all the fishermen that come to our lodge can practise all techniques available.
In southern and central europe and nearest country, the presence of this fish has gone through difficult times: the quality of the water and  lack of spawning areas are the first sign of reducing number of pike population. Nowadays are increasing area of protection  for the future of fishing for ecocides . In Scandinavia luckily there are many good waters with excellent  spawning and breeding area.  In spring time around pikepride baltic lodge all the margins are full of pike spawning.

Pike fishing with artificial lures attracts many fishermen even in countries like Finland, Sweden and Ireland . The trips to a foreign country in search of big pike, is the standard for many pike fishermen, who start looking for strong emotions often over a meter in length. We invite you to visit the pages of our expeditions in search of the big pike of the waters of Baltic Sea. You will find photos, videos and technical explanations on fishing.

Pike Fishing with lures

The pike spinning fishing is certainly the most loved technique by the lovers of the seven hundred teeth predator. Many fishermen who are approaching this discipline are immediately entranced by perceiving, during the recovery, the bite of the king of fresh water. The sensation that it provokes is hardly describable and the emotions that come out of it convince many fishermen to abandon the static techniques and dedicate themselves exclusively to fishing for recovery.
The artificial lures suitable to undermine the pike are of many different types. Visit the page dedicated to the different bait categories and to the best methods of retrieving and animating them by clicking on this link: ARTIFICIALI

Fly fishing for Pike

Why catch fly pikes? The purist of the technique considers the fishing streamer a forcing and even more an exaggeration to fish in fresh water with reeds equipped with tails number 9 -10 and 11.
Perhaps because he never hooked a big pike after his pursuit during the whole launch. During our travels in CANADA a lot of people changed their minds and when they got home they bought a pike fly rod.

Casting techniques

The pike fly launch techniques are exclusively aimed at achieving maximum distance with minimum effort. The fake throws must be few and very effective, the loops are tight and you have to dedicate yourself to cover distance rather than looking for a soft pose.
The double traction becomes essential to optimize a launch that allows you to beat as much water as possible, thus increasing the possibility of passing our streamer in the range of action of a pike.

How to move pike Flies

In pike fly, once you get home in throwing effortlessly, you must immediately devote to recovery techniques. Many fly fishermen who approach the pike always use the same recoveries. The truth is that most often the pike is caught in still water and in different environments and seasons the exocides behave in a completely opposite way. In some environments they can respond to fast and regular recoveries, in other environments, especially with the opening of colder seasons, slow recoveries can make the difference as well as alternate recovery speeds at pauses, accelerations and stalls of the bait . In addition to pulling the tail during recovery you can help with the fishing rod to animate the bait and change the frequency of recovery. With a little ‘testing and imagination all fly fishermen can open their horizons and also devote to this predator using mouse tails. The passion will increase with the size of the fish caught.